Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I don't how to start this type of post off...
Always: Something reminds me of things that I meant to say

Sometimes: I get super irritated when people waste my time and are late!
Always: I am late. LOL.

Sometimes: It irritates me with a passion when they cut things from the work computer. No more GChat, Pandora Radio, now no more YouTube because our Flash Player is gone!
Always: I try to negotiate with IT as to WHY I need such things in my life, which of course are all distractions from my job but, that's how I work more effectively. It's just me? ok.

Sometimes: I forget that I didn't put the umbrella back in my car when I come to work.
Always: I pray to the Lord above that all precipitation has come and gone by the time I get off. So far so good.

Sometimes: I wish I could go back to when I did not have a care in the world versus when I was trying to become grown so quickly.
Always: Thankful I can see the world through the eyes of the babies around me... it's the next best thing.

My god-daughter Kobie, at her family reunion. Those glasses were too cute not to share.

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