These are Days... You Remember

So, Last day of the year we meet again? You aren't going to turn me all nostalgic are you? Can I first just say that I LOVE my Christmas gift from my husband? This hoodie has been a last minute life saver since the snow wanted to wait until the very last week of the year to come. Talk about Soft and TOASTY!

Well December 31st - this year has definitely flown by. I guess we say the same about each year but for whatever reason it really feels like 2012 had just began and now we are bidding adieu. 

There was nothing that happened this year that would make me wish 2012 away with resentment or regret. If anything I would say that 2012 was a shaping year - its the year that I think I fully came out of that awkward, "I'm in my twenties, but I am really an adult" life struggle. 
I welcomed 30 years old with open arms and a smile (even if it was one that was worn regardless of actually feeling happy about it).

My 2012 Resolutions - didn't finish them all but hey I definitely tried.

2013 is on the way - so what will be my resolutions for this coming year?
I only have one: and thats because I don't to have a laundry list of to-do's that may or may not happen. I'd rather God set for me a resolution list - one that leaves room to embrace his will for my life in 2013.

So, my Resolution is:
Fully embrace every new opportunity that comes my way with open arms and attempt to remain motivated wherever God takes me. Allow what is to add to my character to remain and that which takes away from me being a better person - take it away.

And now, how do I spend these last days of 2012?? 

In church of course! Yesterday the Youth led worship, so it was a more relaxed day for us - So I decided to wear a color that usually doesn't fall on our leadership color board for the month: Burgundy.

Here is my OOTD:
Pants, NY & CO - (similar), Shirt - NY & CO (similar), Jewelry -Various,  Jacket - Boutique, Shoes - Steve Madden

Tonight, I am headed back to church - actually we have to be there around 5pm and then we have church services at 7:30pm and 10:00pm and pray into the New Year. 
Are you praying for my energy???

Then in what has become somewhat of a tradition -- our closest friends come over and we do super late night fellowship - almost like an adult sleepover and share our first meal of the New Year together, which is going to be Shrimp and Grits and Chicken and Waffles.
Can't wait to share that with you next year! 

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!
What are your resolutions and what do you do to bring in the New Year?

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It's been a Year! ... and oh what a Year it has been

It's my Blog-Anniversary!!!!

One year ago today - on a day like today where the offices are quiet... I decided that it would be a good time to start a blog because a new chapter of my life was beginning.
This is where it all began a year ago - me alone with my thoughts.

In 2012,
We purchased our new home! Couldn't be more beaming about that one.
I started a new job and have even been promoted since then in Grade and was rewarded as an outstanding employee this year.
I set "simple" New Years Resolutions- 3 out of 6 ain't bad.
came through some tough times, like my Father In Law passing away suddenly into the new year.
We celebrated two years of marriage!
I turned 30 (WHOA)
The Olympics were straight awesome this year
The Elections were drawn out this year
and yet we survived more tragedy in the nation...
along the way, you have gotten to know about me -

And from those few sparse posts in December 2011 until now... I can say that what started out as a journal for myself has truly surpassed anything that I imagined simply because it was never my intention or goal to "get followers" or have readers. I wrote my random thoughts for me. I sit here and pour out on this blog whatever comes across my mind at the moment that I post. Now that I have gotten my feet wet, I do have goals for next year, but its just so that I can simply capture more thoughts, more of my life, more of the things that I did - when my 30's began. YIKES!

In all honesty, this is my life - I may not share everything or every detail but nothing is fabricated. Its a story that I am still writing and have always journaled about. This is just a different outlet - a different network of persons to share it with. If I have not done it all year long, let me sincerely thank you for reading the words that come from a genuine place. Looking back over my life is not just for fun but its so that I can look back on the tough days or even the boring days and remember how blessed I truly am.

As I close out this year, I don't think about the things that I haven't done, or haven't accomplished. I look forward to the things that are to come.
2013 will be a great year! and I can't wait to share every step of the way.

This is my year through blog posts - a favorite post from each month this year:

Its actually also a post that is one of my most read posts- 
where I talk about my weight loss and the similarities between my sister and I and the Williams' sisters

where I talk about how my husband and I tried everything NOT to be in a relationship

where I speak for the first time, our intentions for starting a family

every couple has a reoccurring argument - this is ours

This one was my most read post this year
where I talk about my Busty Girl Problems

One of my favorite Friday's Letters
recapping my summers in D.C., good food, good fun

I really need to deal with this character trait

my wedding anniversary

Another Top Post of the year
where I share with you over 29 different hairstyles that I wore in trying to find the look I wanted for when I turn 30.

there once was a time where I did


our first Christmas in our New Home

Here are just a few highlights from this year:
Because of what I blogged about 17,672 and counting have come to see about me this year. Now I know there are some more popular blogs out there - actually a great deal of them. However, for little ol' me - I am amazed that people took the time to click over here.

Your top 5 favorite posts of this year:

where I talk about my Busty Girl Problems

One of my Friday's Letters -
 where I write a letter to a myriad of persons

where I talk about my weight loss and the similarities between my sister and I and the Williams' sisters

 where I talk about the sudden passing of a coworker on the way to work and the passing of Whitney Houston

where I share with you over 29 different hairstyles that I wore in trying to find the look I wanted for when I turn 30.

Top Search Words that landed people here:
Torrean Rich (the name of my coworker who passed away)
Good Morning Letters
Busty Girl Problems
Kevin Fredericks (who guest blogged about Marriage for me)
in addition to people just searching for my blog by name

Search words that got people here this month:
new years pregnancy announcement (can't be looking for me - LOL - or are you.. hmm)
alice and olivia beach cruiser (oh Christmas- they had one at the Target near my house still)
pollera wedding panama (shout out to my cousins wedding)
delta sigma theta ornaments (hey Sorors)

Top Referring Sites of this Year:
Google (of course)
and my Twitter page (do you follow me?)

For those 137 persons who follow me and countless others who subscribe by email - I thank you for wanting to be a consistent reader of this little space I call Hello, Good Morning Sunshine.

With so much love and gratitude,

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Covered in Grace


Took me a WHOLE year to realize I was a no-reply comment blogger

Are you one too?

I have read several posts about being a no-reply comment blogger and how in the blog world, it makes life so much easier if you could shoot the person who took the time to comment on your blog a quick email - I was like I have added my email, so I am sure that can't be me...

Until today, when I commented on my blog and noticed that google had grouped them in one email and for the first time I saw how my email (of me responding to a comment on my blog) looked.

Jasmine HellogmSunshine <noreply-comment@blogger.com>

Grant it - I had responded to comments before but I guess today I actually had the time to pay attention to my own emails and I was in shock!!!!

I AM one of those people that everyone kept talking about.
Its like being sub-blogged or subtweeted about the whole year and finally realizing it was you.
I am not sure when I became that way but I think it happened back when Blogger started changing all profiles over to Google+ profiles...

So now, since I can't remember where the last time I read a how to change this feature, and I couldn't seem to figure out how... I had to google it - to no avail. Why?! Because Google+ profiles are simply not the same as Blogger Profiles..

So here is how you fix the problem:

On your Blogger Dashboard, you will see the English US button and next to it a wheel.
Click that wheel - you will see Switch to Blogger Profile.
Do that!
You will have to re-enter your profile name - no worries its harmless and will not delete everything you set up prior.
Then click on the arrow next to your name on the Blogger Profile
You will then see, Edit Profile
Do that!
Then you will see the tiny box next to the words "show email"
Click that!

Save Profile, and you're done!
Go back to the wheel and convert back to Google+ and you are finally finished and a part of the cool kids of Bloggers! just kidding but it helps... especially if you comment on my blog and I am not presently on my own blog. I can shoot you a quick email and connect with you so much faster!

One other pet-peeve is word verification comment boxes.. for one I can never read what they are posting and I am human - and I have been blogging without it for a year and have not had spam. Its safe to say that you won't be clearing out your comment box by getting rid of that..

How to do that is a post for another time..

WHEW! Its like New Year's Cleaning around here...I feel so much better~

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A Christmas Story 2012

T'was the Day before Christmas Eve and all at my job...
not a creature was stirring, not even the boss..
we were buzzing at our desks , those that were there..
with hopes that relief soon would spread here.
then out from my outlook, i heard a ding and such a chatter
I rose from my seat to see what was the matter
Away to my monitor, I flew like a flash
popped open an email from President Obama..

Off Federal Gov't Agencies, was all I needed to hear
Per Executive Order we were in the clear.
Off for Christmas Eve I couldnt be more merry
A great way to start my Christmas, home with my family..
(sorry I felt like being a little poetic, please ignore all corniness-lol)

So we were off for Christmas Eve... and so my husband decided he would like to drive up to Philly for a friend of ours who was hosting his company's Christmas Party.

And so I bring to you one of my first OOTD (outfit of the day) posts:
This is what I wore to the holiday party in Philadelphia.. 
Red Sweater (Target), Top (unknown), Sequin Leggings (H&M), Knee Leather Boots (UGGS)
Our friends The Blackstones are also musicians. Our friend Adam is Music Director for almost everyone in the business, most recently Rihanna and Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and has a company where he puts together bands for other artists as well. He and his wife started a company named, Bassic Black Entertainment and had a great holiday party sponsored by Beats by Dre, Korg, Rihanna's perfume company, Roc Nation, Korg Keyboards and Jay-Z sponsored the drinks with his latest drink venture D'usse Cognac.

Here are a few photos from the event - on the right is my fellow musician's wife, Kai.

Me, Trish and Kai

me and hubby - notice he is rockin Ravens gear. We are a Ravens Nation household!

The next day I spent wrapping presents for the family
and for some of the little girls that go to my church.

Time to go to church - Therefore another OOTD:
Red on Red on Red... I am all about layering jewelry and layers.

I fashioned this with a Black Pencil Skirt and Black and Gold Dotted Opaque Tights.

Me and our Drummer, D. Web at Sunday Service

Later on that evening, it was time to have dinner with our closest friends. This is our crew that was in our wedding..  the ones where we can just act ourselves with. This year we decided to do a Secret Santa gift exchange and it was so much fun.
We did dinner at The Chart House right on the waterfront of Downtown Annapolis - those who were married ended up sitting across from each other so that the women could chat up a storm and the men could have their fun too.

We headed to my parents on Christmas morning , just to be greeted with this surprise!

It went from warm weather all week to about 24 hours of snow..
When it was all said and done it looked like this :

Then it warmed up later that evening and snow turned to rain and it was like nothing ever happened. Strange weather of 2012.

I kid you not.. this is my parents Christmas Tree... or should I say Christmas Bush!
We teased mom but at the same time - I am allergic to pine and in a household full of adults there is no need to go above and beyond on the tree. It was festive enough with the balls and lights on it. LOL

How did hubby do? after he made me give him a last minute Christmas list?

Well, he stuck to the list and got me things that were on it... now I know next year just make him a list even if he doesn't ask. My husband shopped on Christmas Eve for my gifts and seriously did not fail... he said the pictures I gave him helped and he had a feeling that no other wife could've possibly wanted the random things that I asked for.

My parents gift giving is amazing also.... they really only get to spend the holidays with us so their gifts usually receive some type of crazy response due to my moms ability to surprise us every time..

This was my sisters reaction when my mother announced that they would be funding her airfare for her to take the trip of her dreams : China!

Even Part-Time Pet knew what time it is... she saw those stockings hung on the chimney and knew that one HAD to be for her. She is always right in guessing which.. She tried on her new coat and gave us a little pose.. way too cute!

Hubby picked up the surprise gene from my mom as he reached under her couch and pulls this lovely gift out for me! It was a new laptop! a bloggers dream! THE BESTEST HUBBY EVER! Clearly I was VERY happy on Christmas.

Well after all of that excitement... Santa Hubby passed out in front of the TV. He just couldn't hang. LOL

As we march closer to the New Year..
Tomorrow is my Blog-Anniversary. One WHOLE year of getting out thoughts and capturing moments that I did not want to forget.. so come back for the best of 2012 tomm.

AND for those on vacation right about now,
Have a wonderful Holiday!


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The Life of the Wife


Merry Christmas

Truly wishing you a Wonderful Christmas!

With much love,
Jasmine and Amos


The Mayan Pre-Christmas Apocalyptic Friday

I think I have started and stopped this post several times, not sure if I wanted to share from the heart or share something funny... trying to figure out all that I wanted to say on this particular Friday - one its a day that the Mayan Calendar ends on so people are all buzzing about that - two its the Friday before Christmas and I am feeling a bit reflective. So bare with me as I dump some random thoughts.

Christmas is a time of mixed emotions--
So much Joy is felt on Christmas with the showering of presents, spending time with your family, etc.
It's particularly joyous for us because Christmas Day is the day that my husband asked me to be his wife three years ago. It's a moment that I will never forget - it was the one time that he actually pulled off a really good surprise.
But I can't neglect the uncomfortable sad times that Christmas brings as well - there are people who are without and I see it as I go into people's homes for my job; there are people who will not see their family and there is people like my husband who is celebrating this first Christmas without his Father. My father in law passed shortly after the New Year last year. Ironically with all the bad came so much good. As soon as we got back from a week long trip to funeralize and bury my Father in Law, my husband got promoted at work, I started my new job, we were able to buy the house that we live in, the cars that we drive - and so much more... yet, this Christmas, we won't have Papi to call us early in the morning to pray over us in Creole and wish us a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

I have always wanted my husband though to have a close enough relationship with my family that he would not feel the need to have to go through me to talk to one another... that whole "tell your mom..., tell your husband" thing gets old quick in my book. We are bound in love until death parts us, pick up the phone and call each other. If you can talk to strangers on social media, I think we should be able to interact with family... and it took some getting used to on both our parts, but I think we are getting the hang of it. I have gone to stay with my sister in laws family in Florida without my husband and my husband definitely gets called by Dad more then enough - so much so I think he calls him more then me.

Either who, in addition to the excitement of spending quality time together, I can't help but to be kind of jealous of families who don't have to share their parents - and not with my husband or in laws - but with the "congregation". My mom used to be a Pastor, so all my life I have had to share her people. Then twelve years ago, she became a Bishop and now I have to share her with the world. People don't think about the families of the Bishops and Pastors when in need as much as they think about whether or not Bishop will be there. I say all that to say, it sucks plain and simple. My mom and dad have flown in to spend time with their family for Christmas and planned to be here up until New Years Eve where I am sure my mom has to preach some where and my dad as Episcopal Supervisor has to be there as well... yet, phone call after phone call yesterday cut my parents trip so short that I guess we will see them for Christmas Day and then they are off - travelling back to Texas. Retirement can't come soon enough. I'll get to see them again during my Sorority Centennial and the Presidential Inauguration in a few weeks and then back to work for them...

Ah well, its time to take full advantage of Christmas!
Shaking it off and making the best of the days that I do have!

Now lets be real, its not all woe is me around here... if you made it this far in reading then you already know that I can't stay all self- reflective that long and have to come back with some small doses of wit and reality. I mean forreal though -
I am enjoying this mild/non-white Christmas..
but the last time that happened it snowed on Easter :(

And, I STILL haven't gotten all the Christmas gift shopping that I wanted to do- I set out to get most of it done yesterday but that was cut short because I had to scoot to a Christmas Party with the hubby. Sorry for the lack of pictures from that but we had a good time.
I have only started to buy what I am going to get for my husband and have not even found family gifts yet. SMH
 Yes, yes tomm is going to be crazy in the malls and I will be there like a crazy woman.
I am also the type of gal that desires to be all Christmas Crafty with the best wrapped gifts but laziness and lack of time always makes my presents the ones in the bags they came in with tissue paper and a bow stuck on it or the worst excuse for wrapping nicely a person can get.
Yeah, I am the one who worked at Target two (or three?) years ago for the holidays and watched folk buy up all the Christmas paper and was stuck having to wrap my presents in Birthday Wrapping paper from the stationary aisle.

And just because I can't believe this post has no pictures, here is one for ya!

On behalf of those who publish their own pics for free just for fun and the like, have fun Instagram with your new policies and language - I am sure I will not be effected in the least.

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