Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, What an exciting day this has been! - not yet sure what will be exciting about it but I am in a really good mood and will speak it into existence. Today feels really great! Woke up next to my best friend and got to laugh a bit before coming to work and when I get here more fun with the coworkers. You're looking up~
Dear Hubby, You are hilarious just the way you are. Never change. That White Lexus you posted on Instagram... is that going in my stocking? because I will gladly take it. :) If not - hint - the Giuseppe shoes pictured here will definitely do.
Dear New Readers, Welcome! Pretty soon it will be my one year bloggiversary - yeah I started my blog when everyone was taking off work for New Years... but I am excited that it has been a year. The year has gone by fast! and so with that I am sure that I will do a recap soon of the most searched and most talked about posts here - take your time look around. Glad you stopped by.
Dear Blog, it will be a new year and I keep debating if you need a new look or something - I haven't decided just yet.
Dear 2013, Slow your roll - I can't even think about New Years Resolutions just yet. I need a little bit more time.
Dear Christmas Celebration, this weekend is the last weekend. After working on you since July, I can't believe that its finally about to be over. I am sure that I will miss some of the cast, but hope to see some of you back out in July again for the auditions. Lets have a BALL tomm!
Dear Santa, Don't you really want to just take over in this Christmas thing? because I have not been able to do any Christmas shopping yet. Yikes!
Dear iPhone apps, thanks for helping me at least visually get into the Christmas spirit! :)

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  1. those shoes are so fabulous! love them!

    i started my blog Jan 2, 2010. so i guess, i was doing the same thing. started a blog on my day off ;)

    i can't believe this year is practically over. it went by too quickly!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Santa can you also take care of all of my shopping too? PUH-LEEZE!

  3. I've been thinking about a blog make over...we shall see. That is some hot shoe! Have a good weekend.


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