Friday's Letters

Dear Mom and Dad, this trip thus far has been so much fun! Our accommodations for this conference has been excellent. Mom we saw Shrek walking around the hotel.. you didn't want to take this photo but you were such a great sport when I laughed so hard while I took this.. Come to find out you were really excited to see Shrek after all.

Dear Hubby, I miss you so much and can't wait until you make it to Tennessee. I have been indulging in my favorite past time while you weren't here - shopping. Babe, these are by Gucci ... lets put these on my running list of things that I want ok? Thanks! 

Dear Starbucks, I miss thee! Since I have been here, I have not had my daily doses of coffee... All this walking around the conference center is wearing me out. Although, I would love to have one of those cupcakes... guess I need to make those soon. 

Dear Blog Readers, I am presently enjoying my trip and miss being able to sit for hours and catch up on some reading but I am in meetings from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. However, this trip is definitely worth it. 

Dear Nashville, TN, why are you so hot!?

Dear Nerves, I am sorry that someone got on you with the incompetent persons who were around you.  We will try to better with not getting upset or irritated. 

Dear Miami Heat, THANK YOU FOR WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP! God KNOWS that my husband would not have been able to take that disappointment. You have done a good job!  


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Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I know a huge trip is coming up and know that I need to get to packing for.
Always: I wait until the last minute and end up just shoving things in my suitcase that I may not even need.

Sometimes: My offenders show up to my office unannounced.
Always: I get irritated when they do.

Sometimes: I imagine myself doing a different job
Always: I am SO thankful that I do what I do and know that it's exactly where I am supposed to be.

Sometimes: I give my husband a hard time for being super mushy and smothering.
Always: I am thankful that my husband loves me that much because I could be married to a jerk.

Sometimes: I ask for persons to guest blog while I am away on conference and vacation.
Always:  I get some great responses.

Sometimes: My allergies get the best of me... like TODAY!
Always: I want to put in sick leave and go home and lay down.
Sometimes: You know there isn't a great picture that you have taken over the week that you can post.
Always: There is one that you come across that you can post for good measure that expresses how you feel.

If you still are interested in perhaps doing an introductory post for my readers or want to share something funny while I am away, please send me an email to hellogmsunshine@gmail.com

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Monday's Musings

Can I just say that this was an exhausting weekend?! Like, I really feel like I can not get enough sleep! and yet, it was just what we needed! 

I have to pack for this trip.. doing laundry and still feel like I don't have enough for this trip.
Speaking of which, don't forget, if there are any readers who may want to guest post send me a quick email to hellogmsunshine@gmail.com

I need to get a few to post while I am away and its a way to introduce your blog to my readers and keep me company on my trip. 

This weekend's movie was "That's My Boy".. I couldn't decide if I wanted to see that or Prometheus but I did know that I wanted to laugh and so "That's My Boy" it was. I asked my sister what the critics were giving it, which was a first and she said that they were doing a write up that said "Why did they even make this movie?" but I did know that I liked most Adam Sandler movies and Andy Samberg would definitely being a comedy element.. so sure why not.

So glad we did... we were laughing so hard! If you like "Hall Pass" but with a little more edgier randomness in the plot then you will like "That's My Boy"

Well, it is true... hubby and I took a last minute trip to NYC!

We arrived in New York around 10:30pm and headed to Long Island to celebrate my Brother-in-Law's 50th Birthday. As exhausted as I was from the drive and perplexed as to why a dinner party would start so late... seeing his face surprised was indeed priceless. 

And nope.. we didn't stay in New York overnight, we got back right back on the road and hubby drove 5 hours, while being dead dog tired so that we could make it back for church the next day. 

Hubby had to do double duty - Minister of Music at church and playing keys with a special guest during Praise in the Park for another church.. needless to say, for a man who got in at 6am and had to be at church at 8am, you would've never been able to tell how exhausted my hard working man was. 

Our in-laws stayed with us this weekend and it was much needed. We missed them. 
It really helped my husband be able to handle this really tough Father's Day - the first one without his father, with his sister being here.

There were so many funny moments this weekend - one that tickled me so great was that when I arrived, my husband's bandmates wished him a Happy Father's Day... Hubby cut me the craziest look and I just bust out laughing and said "What?! I didn't say anything" ... they just laughed and said "that would've been a crazy way to find out though, right?" 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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Happy Father's Day


You are the greatest! 
You are a man of few words and so I will keep this brief:
I am such a daddy's girl.
You spoil me rotten! 
You don't like to - you definitely say "No" every time I ask for something
and then somehow, someway my request magically appears without warning. 

I used to be so embarrassed by the way that you would be so direct with people. 
I mean, you would really cut people down really quick,
but then I realized it's because people may have misjudged you 
and at other times, I learned in life, if you warn people with what you will not tolerate
they will never try you again. 

You taught me how to ask for what I want.
Don't take "No" for an answer by teaching me how to work hard for that "Yes"
You taught me how to expect my husband to take care of his family
To protect us and provide for us at all cost
To, as you would say "aim straight" and make records
it allows you to have made your name great!

I love you.
Thanks for my smile. 
Thanks for my lisp. 
Thanks for the ability to be able to whistle. 
Thanks for reminding me that although I may be a Mrs. I will ALWAYS be your daughter.
It's the little things ya' know. 

Hope you enjoyed your surprises... reminders of home.
See you in a few days. 

Your First Girl, 

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Friday's Letters

Before I get to my Letters, I have to tell you that I am a lover of good food.. so I can't let this week pass by without telling you about one of my favorite places - So hubby surprised me with texting me that if he gets a nap in that he would take me to my favorite spot...

When you go, just know that you can not order anything smaller then a half pitcher... first of all its worth the value and if you want to its a good size to share or if you already anticipate the desire for at least two drinks, go with this option.
This right here is a Sangrita... but you can get non-alcoholic versions of any and everything!
This frozen delictable was worth the wait...

This particular night, we were seated on the rooftop, which over looks an area that is near a lot of Embassy houses and down the street from a popular area called "Adams Morgan"

I had my favorite guy, in my favorite place, drinking my favorite size summer-soothing drinks... anxious to eat some of my favorite food!

I started off with some Ceviche and ended with some "Masitas de Puerco" ... marinated roasted pork that is cooked with a orange bitters reduction sauce, seasoned to the ultimate perfection and pulls right apart.
Now, I am not a huge pork consumate but I can say that this roasted pork does it to me every time!

Have you ever had food that has made you quicken because it tastes so good?! Everything at Lauriol Plaza does that to you!

So if you happen to be in the D.C. area and want to go to Lauriol Plaza, let me know! We can totally do a meet-up there...

And now, my Friday's Letters..

Dear Nashville, we are now 5 days away from seeing each other for almost 3 weeks and I have not yet packed one bag. I have waited for this conference/trip for almost 4 years and I am no where near ready. I wish I had a stylist that would come over and get me ready for this trip but I am not that grand... yet.

Dear Hubby, few things... we kinda need to do better with pulling away from our cell phones when we go out to dinner. I feel like we have become the digital versions of those old couples that bring newspapers to read to brunch. I don't want to be one of those couples that run out of stuff to talk about to each other. YES, YES! I know... from our first date where we had a phone and sidekick we have been on our phones at the dinner table, even when we were texting each other while sitting there... it was cute then... not so much now. What was funnier was looking up and seeing another young couple leaving the restaurant both with cell phones in hand... ok so I accept its a generational thing.. Let's roll with it until it really becomes an issue because laughing together at what just posted to the TMZ app is kinda hilarious.

Dear Washington D.C. in the Summertime, I straight love you! never thought that I would say that... but driving down the U street corridor provided such an energy that is almost unmatched. The various things that you offer to do for free! I mean, it can't get no better... thanks for being such a quick getaway when needed.

Dear Kevin Hart, WE ARE COMING TO SEE YOU LIVE! OMG I was SO happy when my little sis was able to make me aware of the pre-sale code. I have always wanted to see this funny man live and now I get the chance to! I am so super hype about this one! Almost as much as hubby is excited about me taking him to see Coldplay next month.

Dear Judgement Free Zone, thank you for existing because I certainly had myself a Happy Meal for breakfast the other day. In my defense, it was my late day at work so they had just stopped serving real breakfast... I had to run to the doctor's that morning and give about 3 tubes of blood and take a pill that was guarenteed to make me sick... so this was certainly the best treat of the morning.

Dear Body, you surprise me with each test result... we are going to get you together though. I am going to keep pushing until I know what's wrong with you.

Dear Mom, I know.. relaxing is the key.. I am trying. Maybe acupuncture will work because massages make me even more tense. Who knows why?! only me. I know.

Dear Miami Heat, Thank you for winning last night.. it guarentees that my husband will be in a great mood all weekend... so thanks for that.

His "Why are you asking such a stupid question face" tickled me so much!

Dear Daddy, we know that y'all just moved out of the Nashville house... so your kids have something up their sleeve for Father's Day.. just you wait and see!
Isn't he a handsome tall man?

Dear Papi , we know that you just went to be with the Lord only 5 months ago... but we still remember you on this Father's Day. Love you... I know that you are sending your special prayers down to us as you did when you were here.

 Dear Blog Readers, so if you read this whole thing.. I want to commend you for sticking with me.. and apologize for it being so long.. thank you for being here to share in my thoughts as I spew them outloud... Also, as you can see I am going to be away for quite some time and unsure as to when I will have time to post anything.. so if I have any one who would be willing to guest post here please let me know!  Email me at hellogmsunshine@gmail.com

Dear Ashley, this ones for you! Great link-up!


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Fun with Chef Hubs-R-Dee

So before I left work yesterday, Hubs sent me a text saying he was going to the grocery store to get what is going to be for dinner. Consider me ecstatic! Its been a few instances where we actually cook in the kitchen together, but last night the hubs felt inspired.
That's my "I'm so happy you feel like cooking" face up there.

I guess I need to get him some BBQ favorites because thats about the only time he will really hop to it- anything that involves the grill and he is there!

Being the blogger that I am... I whip out the iPhone and say "Oh I need to capture this!"
It's proof that the hubs DOES cook for me!

This is him giving me the "I can not believe that you are really going to take a picture of me seasoning meat" face...

I said "What?!" with that cute little wife smile of mines and thankfully he really got into it..

So, he finished the marinade and said "Capture this.. I am an Artist"

After I picked myself off the floor from crying laughing at him... I snapped the picture.

It was a perfect night to watch the NBA Finals...
Here in this house, we are Team Heat!
Hubs lived in Florida for a good while and my Daddy is from there so it works for me!

So what they lost... that's why its a series.. however, I am not mad because Kevin Durant is from our hometown.

So.. of course we needed a great NBA Finals Watching Meal: Dry Rub Ribs prepared by Chef Hubs-R-Dee and Fried Plantains (his Haitian side rubs off on me at times), Cold Pasta (u know the kind with Italian Dressing) and some Deviled Eggs... just like a mini BBQ!

Just because she is so gosh darn cute and for good measure.. Here is my God-child wearing a Birthday Present for her Godparents (us of course).. and snacking watching her favorite shows.. she is getting so big.

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Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I get up early to try to make it to work on time.
Always: I make it to work 30 minutes late.

Sometimes: I wear make up and do my hair to go to work just because I feel up to it that day.
Always: I wish like I felt up to it everyday.

Sometimes: I wish I could go back and enjoy my college days all over again.
Always: It feels better to be done with school.

Sometimes: I sit back and think about all of the accomplishments and goals I have achieved in such a short time.
Always: I understand how much I am blessed and I am thankful.

Sometimes: I struggle with opening up and trying to make new friends.
Always: I am grateful for the ones that I have opened up to and who honestly get me.

Sometimes: I sit on the couch with hubby and watch mind numbing shows like Toddlers and Tiara and the Bachelorette, just because.
Always: I say I am going to work out instead and that fails.

Sometimes:  There is not a picture that goes with a blog post.
Always: I will throw a random one in there for a good measure.

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday's Musings: Foodie Photo Bomb Edition

This is my husband thinking that he has "swag" because the Miami Heat won... isn't he cute tho?

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The sun was shining and it was a perfect weekend for good food and good company... 

This weekend was a great one... filled with good food and good fun! Newlyweds (or even those who are in long term relationships) please remember, even if you have to schedule it, make sure that you have a date night. If Friday is Date Night, whether you go out and do something or stay inside, make sure you do something that will build your relationship. If one of you have to work on Date Night, it doesn't mean that it's cancelled.. just means that its postponed.

Said all that to say, our Date Night was postponed until today because my parents made an impromptu visit home, which meant that I became chauffeur and I really wanted to spend time with my mom and dad. Also, hubby had to work so it worked out for the both of us.. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that before I left work on Friday, I grabbed a Whiting Box from Cameron's Seafood Market. Now, being from Baltimore, we usually only eat Lake Trout, however, the next best fish to me besides that is Whiting. Cameron's was on point! But they have so much more healthier choices that I am going to have to try next time -- like their crab stuffed Salmon. 

We started off the weekend grabbing dinner from East Moon Asian Bistro in Bowie, MD. I am a lover of Sushi and this place offers such fresh, hand rolled variety... I consider it to be amazing. 
This time I tried something that was rolled in Pink Soy Paper! TASTY! Oddly pink colored Sushi but definitely worth another go. 

Of course when my mother comes in town, she always wants to go over the bay bridge.. and so we travelled towards Annapolis over to Kent Island to do a little light outlet shopping and enjoy such a beautiful day. There is a restaurant just across the bridge that offers great seafood and steam crabs while you sit on the dock looking out onto the water... trust, that is only my list to go really soon!

Sunday rolls around and this Sunday I had to sing on the choir : Just an shameless excuse to show you just a part of my shoe collection. But one thing that you need to know about me is that I LOVE shoes and will always spend money on a good shoe!

I was so happy to be singing on Sunday because I had the chance to sing in a worship service where one of my favorite singers was in attendance. Ledisi happened to be at our church promoting her latest book and even sang for us just a taste. She can certainly sing her butt off... 

Sunday afternoon activity was an Ice Cream Social- this is just one of the TWO bowls of Ice Cream that I had. (hangs head down in shame) But it was SO good. Yes, you got me... there is a brownie hiding underneath that Ice Cream. 

Today's Day Date: Brunch with my hubby and it wouldn't be a weekend of course without a movie!

If you are EVER in the Annapolis, Maryland Area or in Downtown Baltimore, you MUST try Miss Shirley's Cafe for Breakfast or Lunch. 

 They have the best Fried Green Tomatoes that I have ever had. I could take that trip just for that appetizer alone. 

I decided to be adventurous with my entree selection today and went with what they call "Big Easy Benedict"- It's a poached egg with Hollandaise Sauce with Greens and Tasso Ham sitting on top of a Grit Cake and has fried shrimp served in the center there. Oh MY! - lets just say, I have found my new favorite dish there. 

We let our stomachs digest ALL of this food by going to see Madagascar 3, which was a cute movie, but the highlight was this preview for Despicable Me 2.

And just in time for some Music Monday- here is the video for the snippet of song that Ledisi sang at church... 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend... I sure did!

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