Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: my offenders complain that I am not encouraging enough.
Always: I think to myself "if they only knew that I am actually very encouraging" especially when it comes to my young people at church ... and then say something really smart out my mouth like "well sir, cocaine use may help uplift you but I don't see anything encouraging in being a crack-head, but keep up the good work."

Sometimes: People think that I am very outspoken and a social butterfly and will even describe me as agressive
Always: I believe that I am actually a shy individual hiding behind that outspoken character I have created.

Sometimes: I talk about how healthy I want to be.
Always: When it comes to good food, I can not say no. See the example below from this weekend...

Sometimes: I pile up food like this.. Yes, this is my plate filled with Roast, Cabbage, Chicken Parmesean AND Eggplant Parmesean, Mac and Cheese and Greens.. there was a side of Corn Bread with Corn in it and Coconut Creme Pie that I couldn't fit on this particular plate.
Always: I feel a smidgen of guilt and quickly get over it.

Sometimes: I get voicemails from the Doctor's office reminding me that my appointment is at 1:15pm and that I should arrive 30 mins before the scheduled visit for paperwork.

Always: It's just my luck that I arrive on time and I encounter random signs like this ... had I known you were at lunch and I would be waiting in the hall for the next 30 mins, I would've just come on time or late like I usually do.

Sometimes: I can't find a thing to watch on T.V.
Always: I scour looking for things to watch and ways to make it fun.

Sometimes: I wait until my stomach is growling super loudly saying FEED ME before I go to lunch.
Always: I regret it because I get such a large meal to curb my severe hunger.

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  1. I do the same thing with TV in our bedroom. We only have the Recorded shows in the living room. Thanks for linking up again today! I love following you. Check out my Sometimes & Always @ http://mostwhatmatters.blogspot.com.

  2. Oh gosh, I always eat SO SO much whenever I wait too long to go to lunch!! And yeah, sometimes I am not so encouraging at work. It's hard. People can be draining. I try to see them through the eyes of the Lord, but it's still hard.

    1. Is that not the truth! At least we may get an A for effort in the trying department.
      I ate McDonalds yesterday.. my coworker made me feel bad for it.

  3. OMG i am the same way with food! <3

    1. It was so good too! Thanks for stopping by!


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