I'ma Ear Hustlin' Part 2

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Blabbering Thoughts

And now...

This is Ear Hustlin' Part 2.. Random conversations that I come across from time to time..
you can read Part 1 here.

#1: Lady in the waiting room with her son who is on Probation:

Mother: "I remember when I was down at the courthouse with you.. and I was really tired and I had you on my lap and you were eating popcorn and cupcakes... and there was a camera up there like that [points to the camera in front of my office door] and you fell! and they came running around there saying I dropped you because you had the food all over you..

Son: "mmhmm"

Mother: "I told them, I didn't drop you. I wasn't sleep!"

Son: "how did I fall then?"


#2 My coworker describing how she hurt her hand:

Coworker: "I woke up over the weekend and it was stiff. I couldn't move it or anything. I thought that it would be better by at least wednesday but when it wasn't I went to the doctor because I thought it was a sign of stroke"

...." they gave me a sonogram, a mammogram.. they did everything on my hand!"

Me: "LOL Really?! a Mammogram!?"

Coworker: "yup! then told me it was a sprain and wrapped it up. So now I am walking around with this on my hand"

[Mind you when I asked her what happened yesterday in front of other people, she said it was because she was doing a certain sex act for too long! LOL! HA! This woman is in her 60's!!!!! YIKES!]

and OH.. THIS ONE takes the cake for me!
 Part of my job: to listen to lies all day--

Called Offender at his job -
Me: Why can't you manage to call me back!
Him: I don't have a phone. I am so sorry, when do you want me to come and see you?"
Me: "You need to get here NOW!"
Him: "I am so sorry, I really didn't have a phone, but I get paid today and I am going to get a new one so that I can call you back from now on."

10 mins later

Me: "Hello"
Him: "Oh I am sorry, I saw this number on my phone and I was calling it back"
Me: "It's your officer .. and apparently you have a phone!"
Him: "So what time am I supposed to come see you?"...

Me: Really?!

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  1. These are SO funny!! I love a good crazy tale from one person to the next!!

    1. thanks for reading.. Man, I wish I could blog as fast as the foolishness comes out! LOL

  2. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


    1. Thanks for reading. I also stopped by your blog! great reads!

  3. Oh, nooooooo about the sex act!! For real??? A radio station down here has a segment, "Whatchu doin at the courthouse?" and it CRACKS ME UP. This kind of reminds me of that. Ha!

    (Thanks for linking this up over at #findingthefunny last week!)

    1. Thanks Kelley! Yes, she was dead serious about that sex act and gestured and all... good thing she was kidding.

  4. crazy stuff. I can't imagine having your career. I'm sure it is stressful, but oh the blog fodder you can gain from it. lol

    1. It can be stressful, but it is truly worth it and of course entertaining.


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