Happy Father's Day


You are the greatest! 
You are a man of few words and so I will keep this brief:
I am such a daddy's girl.
You spoil me rotten! 
You don't like to - you definitely say "No" every time I ask for something
and then somehow, someway my request magically appears without warning. 

I used to be so embarrassed by the way that you would be so direct with people. 
I mean, you would really cut people down really quick,
but then I realized it's because people may have misjudged you 
and at other times, I learned in life, if you warn people with what you will not tolerate
they will never try you again. 

You taught me how to ask for what I want.
Don't take "No" for an answer by teaching me how to work hard for that "Yes"
You taught me how to expect my husband to take care of his family
To protect us and provide for us at all cost
To, as you would say "aim straight" and make records
it allows you to have made your name great!

I love you.
Thanks for my smile. 
Thanks for my lisp. 
Thanks for the ability to be able to whistle. 
Thanks for reminding me that although I may be a Mrs. I will ALWAYS be your daughter.
It's the little things ya' know. 

Hope you enjoyed your surprises... reminders of home.
See you in a few days. 

Your First Girl, 

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