Unexplained Infertility is "Unexplained" no more?

So fertility may not be an issue for many, but for 1 in 8 women it is. 
I happen to be one of the 1's.  I was in denial for years, but its undeniably in my health records in two states - so yup I am one of the 1's. I don't accept it as a permanent diagnosis because I beat it once and I am determined to beat it over and over again! 

So, the following I am sharing for those who may be like me - or wondering if they just might be,
never thought it would be you, never thought you would have "trouble" conceiving, tired of hearing "just relax and it will happen" and want some kind of answer! ESPECIALLY when your diagnosis is "unexplained infertility".

Now, there are varying levels of diagnosis's : Female Factor Infertility = PCOS, Endometriosis, etc. Male Factor Infertility = issues with motility of sperm, no sperm, etc. 
Then 1/3 of couples get "Unexplained Fertility" and are rushed into the next part of the conversation being IUI or IVF (IVF mostly) because its apparent that you can't get it done on your own and thats the "quickest" or "most controlled" way to conceive. 

We fit into the Unexplained Infertility.

However, we beat those odds and conceived my daughter over 3 years ago.
Of course, we want to expand our family. 
Its one of my 2017 Vision Goals (which I need to write about soon)
another goal is to be the healthiest me I have ever been, which includes going to all of my doctors appointments, the dentist and follow recommendations. 

Since moving to Dallas, I had to first get new health insurance, then find a whole new network of doctors - OB/GYN, Dentists, etc. 
For the first time in my life, I decided to also seek out a Primary Care Physician - (nope I have never had one and I always left that line blank on the health form). 

Well, I decided to go to the Primary Care Physician that my parents both go to - the one I credit with saving my mom with her testing, in addition my husband also goes to her. 
Its great because now when I go, I get the full picture of what may be going on because she has all factors known in play. 

In order to establish care, she did my blood work. 
I had requested blood work from my OB/GYN specifically, my thyroid to be checked because after giving birth following what they considered a "spontaneous pregnancy" (and even before) I have always had this perpetual exhaustion after every little bit of activity or eating.
My blood work 3 years ago came back fine. I have normal blood pressure so I was expecting the same, and just attributed exhaustion to the stress of the job. 

Well, my blood work came back this week --
I have a severe Vitamin D deficiency
I have high cholesterol
and I am pre-diabetic.


I MEANNNNNN, I expected to hear anemia - NOT diabetes. 
My A1C number was tenths of points from diabetes.

And you may be reading this and say - well thats what I have too! 
Yeah, I've never been any where close to it. 
AND, get this - 
All THREE specifically the Vitamin D Deficiency and Pre Diabetes are linked to Infertility. 

Most, not all, African Americans are Vitamin D deficient in some way - however, my doctor said she has never seen a number so low (my number is below the "deficient" range.)
This explains the lack of energy. 
Combine that with fluctuating glucose levels, I am barely making it through the day. 

So what does ALL of this mean for my unexplained infertility?
There is a 60% reduction in concieving when you are Vitamin D deficient. Being below deficiency, I am sure that my number is great. 
Diabetes does not effect conception but it does effect sustaining pregnancy by 35-60%. 

And high cholesterol has an impact on fertility as well. 

So why this blog post????

I went through every emotion imaginable when I got my blood work back because all though my weight has been creeping back up, I was always told that it was "healthy". I had already changed for the most part how I had eaten (even though looking back I think my "cheat" days outweighed my healthy days), but still considered "just fine."

I WISH, that my Reproductive Endocronologist would've counseled me more, or did a simple blood test to check these things as well because Nutritional and Metabolic Infertility DOES exist and needs to be studied further. 
I wish doctors would dig further to explain the "unexplained" when it comes to that diagnosis. 
I am blessed to not have fibroids, PCOS, endometrosis or any blocked tubes, normal LH, AMH and all those other factors that were checked. I just wish they would've done a full work up as well to just say - you aren't conceiving because you need to include supplements into your diet and try a fertility friendly diet.

So, here's to a fresh start!
I have already lost 2 lbs in 2 days. 
and I hope to have news for you by the end of the year on the baby front! 

(my fertility friendly, supplement filled smoothie)

I am living with more answers and excited about that. 

Any questions?


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