Monday's Musings

These are my Monday's Musings: Random thoughts that I need to share to get through the case of the Monday's...

So... felt like wearing flip flops to work.  I know, its againts dress code, but thats why I keep a pair of heels in my desk for days like this.

So... despite the fact that I work from home on Monday's, I am in the office today and BOY that is not helping the case of the Monday's.

So... Hubby has to work every night this week AND still has to work this weekend. That's going to really suck.

So... my face is rebelling against me and decided to break out AND look like I am being bit in my sleep all over my face. NOT GOOD!

So... my parents are in town. I love when they come to visit.

This was Mom and I at the Gospel Concert at the concert. Mom is throwing up her V for Victory.

Kicked it with Host Comedian Jonathan Slocumb... he was a riot. Really cool guy who told me that I was going to have four kids: a set of twins and an additional boy and girl. I told him if that is so, then he will be the Godfather of my kids to help me raise them.

This is the kind of photo you get wheny ou have someone else take it.. I swear I don't look ready and blurry. Its ok.

Hubby played that night in the concert... this was him and the rest of the band chatting it up in the Gaylord Opryland Hotel

So... thanks Bank of America for cutting off my debit card because of the charges you saw in a near by city. You must not own a map because clearly where I was is not a far away place. See THIS is why I stopped using my account so frequently. Thank you for securing ME away from MY own money. Thanks again.

And now..

 Rest in Peace Kortneigh McCoy... today is your Birthday and your big sis misses you terribly. You were one of my first babies out of Youth Ministry.. off to college and was doing big things. The young lady who took your life will see Justice soon because we will make sure of that. I love you!
Miss hearing you singing up a storm!

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  1. That coat, sooooo cute! Love it, whered u get it???

    1. The green one? I think NY&Co? I am going to have to go back and look.

  2. sorry the hubs has to work so much. That really stinks!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully that will mean I will find some interesting blogable things to do with my time, while I wait for him to come home... at least its only for a week.

  3. Your mom is gorgeous! Now I see where you get your good looks!

    1. Thank you so much! That is so sweet of you. Thanks for stopping by!


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