Baby Boom

Some of my favorite bloggers have recently announced that they are pregnant.
 I don't know why but when I tell you I get so thoroughly excited to hear such news!
Well I can guess reasons why..
1. because after reading their blogs, I feel like I know a little bit about them and wish that I lived closer to them so I could know them in real life because they seem like awesome people
2. because I can't wait to be able to make that announcement myself I guess- yes, yes, I'll admit. But I think just excited because its something that my husband and I both want. We LOVE children!

But don't get it twisted...Despite the random cases of baby fever here and there due to my planning-type personality and wanting to know WHEN...  I am about as calm and "go with the flow" as I possibly can be. Excited for this whole journey nonetheless... and its been very eye opening.
I am pretty sure that I am not the ONLY newlywed who has given thought as to when the right time to have a child is...and although some plan and some have not, I think our story is unique enough that it may just help someone else.

See... for us.. we are not infertile.
We have seen a specialist and have taken various blood tests, had dye SHOVED through my tubes, ultrasounds of my eggs... everything!
We have received a clean bill of health on every front...
and yet, still face the possibility of having to get an IUI according to our specialist.

It makes you think twice about all the stories that you hear growing up about how pregnancy just happens.
Even for a healthy couple that chance of happening is 20% per month.
With ALL the things that life throws at you and more specifically us: We both started new stressful jobs, purchased a new construction home, husband lost his father, I lost a co-worker... emotional things happen that can really throw you off your game.

So yes, there may come a time where it seems like when you are not "trying" it wil happen... and other times where when you want it to happen, it seems like its taking way too long.

HUGE Congrats to :

Megan, whom I link up with for Sometimes and Always!

and to:

Courtney  love her FOOD pics! That pizza looked so yummy...

And to:

And to:

And to:

And to:

And to:
Katie... one day I am going to tackle decorating my house like she does!

 Photo: Yay for not dying! http://instagr.am/p/MjOqXAFz5C/

And to my homegirl from Canada:

Congrats on Baby Luca!


So you see... its not really my fault.. I try not to think about it, but there are some great bloggers who just keep bringing it up.. and I have a sense that their may be a few more out there soon with the same announcement.

At least I will live vicariously through them for a bit.

Congrats Ladies!

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  1. So sweet!! I have pcos but I got married June 12, 2009 and we had a positive test August 18, 2009. If you both have a clean bill, it will happen. Of course, in God's time like all things.

    1. Thanks for that! It is encouraging. Still praying. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi lover! I ran across your blog checking my blog stats! :) Thanks for the congrats and I will be following you back :)

    1. Thanks Loni! I love reading your blog! Congrats again!

  3. This is precious!! Love reading about others who are pregnant and due around the same time! Thank you!!

    1. No problem Megan! Congrats again and can't wait to see how your blog turns with this transition into mommy-hood for you!


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