Sometimes and Always

I'm taking my August workcation. I come into the office everyday and basically go on Pintrest until 5.

Sometimes: This very thought creeps into my mind.
Always: When they blocks on all the fun sites then I just find something else to do in my "down time."

Sometimes: I think about what I am going to eat for lunch on the ride into work.
Always: I wait until the last possible minute where I am starving beyond belief and still don't know what I want.

Sometimes: I wish I could just close my office door and take a full on nap for about an hour!
Always: I really think I can get away with this.. but have not even tried it.

Sometimes: At work we all leave our doors open and yell at each other down the hall.
Always: It makes the day go by faster!

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  1. HI :) I am your newest follower. Just found your blog and love it. HAHAH I think I have considered spending full "work" days on pinterest too. LOVE pinterest. :)

  2. Hahaha, the lunch thing is so true. Why is it so difficult to decide what to eat??!?!!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Follow this link to check it out! Just skip past all my chatter about Wicked, the award details are halfway through the post :)
    Liebster Award


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