Friday's Letters

Dear Texas, we are one month away from touching our feet on your soil! Going to visit the parents and I can not wait!!!! Dallas are you ready?!

Dear FAT SNACKS like my DAILY McDonald's McCafe, I despise you for being so tasty!

Dear Lifetime Fitness, I am baaaaaccccckkkkk ... thanks to previously mentioned fat snacks! LOL

Dear Body, thanks for not going into shock with all the recent changes! I am actually a happier person. Maybe there is balance now.

Dear Target, why do you always have random delicious goodies that I know I don't need in my house, yet you taunt me with your displays and convince me that I have need of these things in my home!! Luckily, I excercised restraint and walked away from these but I honestly took the picture so that I would not forget to come back for one. It would look great in my home office!

Dear Gabby, You GO GIRL! Breaking records and what not! Representing the USA!! We are PROUD!
Dear Russian Girl on the left, I am sorry I don't know your name, but it looked like you were crying like ALL THE TIME! even when you were not you had tears in your eyes like you just wanted to give up and go home. And just plain rude to your coach... perhaps a better disposition would have you higher on the podium because we LOVE Gabby's smile through tough times.. that is all.

Dear Curtis, Happy Birthday!
(3rd from the left... pictured here is some of THEE best musicians there is.. my hubby included on the right)

Dear Hubby, First you get the sideeye for ruining the surprise of the ONE event that I hadn't read in the media as far as the outcome in the Olympics. The fact that the media reports the winners during the day and I can't watch it until prime time sucks as it is... but you straight ruined the surprise! UGH! anyways...I can't wait until we go to the Beach! We haven't been since our honeymoon... and I am so ready to take in some sand and some sun tomm! And as you say QT with your CUTIE!

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  1. I've always wanted to go to Texas! Hope you guys have a wonderful time visiting your parents :D
    McDonald's is great at making things horrible for you but taste so good!
    Hope you guys also have a great time at the beach! Lucky ;D

    Stopping by from the Friday's Letters link up ♥

    1. Thanks Kenzie, we had a ball at the beach! Thanks for stopping by

  2. Enjoy your visit in Texas doll!

    Happy a great weekend! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog.... love your fashion sense! headed there now..

  3. Loving your blog, I think you and your husband are adorable :) I too need to get better at the gym. It is funny... I am training for a marathon, but am the biggest I have been in a long time. The running just makes me eat way more! AHH! haha

    1. Awww thanks! I love your blog too... i am horrible when it comes to the gym. He literally has to motivate me.

  4. p.s. My GFC hasn't been working, but it let me follow your GFC blog followers with my twitter? who knew you could do that?!

  5. Haha this is such a cute Friday Letters! I can't wait to read more. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!



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