Friday's Letters

Dear Ravens, You did me proud yesterday. You almost had me worried because we were losing in the first half, but I hear we did wonders in the second half.. I have to say that I hear because I fell asleep on the game. OOPS.

Dear Geese, there used to be one of you.. now there is plenty. Please do not wreck havoc on our community.. thank you.

Dear Friday, 2nd Friday of the pay period to be exact. You kind of snuck up on me. Well, welcome.

Dear Hubby, so proud of you for keeping up your 30 day work out challenge. You even got me to get into the gym with you. Now, I just have to keep up the good work like you.
Ready to see tonight's movie? I say, The Campaign or The Bourne Legacy. What say you?

Dear New Office, Oh how I love thee let me count the ways? 1. you have a door that shuts. 2. you have mini-blinds that go over the glass so people do not have to know that I am in here. 3. I have to share you with no one. 4. It's right across from the bathroom. 5. Its not on a main hallway so I don't have to listen to the offenders that don't want to be here. 6. I got to move in today.

Dear Branch Chief, my ears definitely perked up when you just said that you are going to put a workout room into our old shared office space that we just moved out of. Thats awesome! It will help me stay on target.

Dear New Blog Followers, thanks for all the new follows this week. I promise if you peek in from time to time you will get the real deal with a dash of cute and funny.

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  1. Glad I became a follower! :) Yay! for your new office! Have a great weekend girl!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  2. I'm one of those new followers! Just joined :) I look forward to seeing your future posts. Drop by and say hello sometime!

    Of Thoughts and Things

  3. Happy you found me, love your blog and of course you are a Jasmine ;) Can't wait to read more and the Ravens showed up (my husband's favorite team)!


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