Happy 44th Anniversary

Look at these two love birds... My Parents.

They met when my Mother was in College at Morgan State University. My Dad had been drafted in the NBA to the Baltimore Bullets. My mother's roomate at the time was dating my Dad's Best Friend, Roomate and eventually Best Man, Earl "The Pearl" Monroe. They met over a dinner at my Dad's apartment. That night, my Dad let my Mom know he was interested..

9 months later they were married.. and nope not because she was pregnant, but because they were in love. They actually didn't start having children until 10 years into their marriage.

My mom followed my dad to West Coast right after their wedding when he was sent to play for the Portland Trailblazers... and they have been following each other all over the world ever since.

This is what 44 years of following and supporting your Spouse's dream looks like. Of course my Dad no longer plays in the NBA, but my Mom is now the one on National platforms and they are truly loving every minute of it.

Happy 44th Wedding Anniversary you guys!
Thank you for being an awesome example for me and my Husband.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents.

  2. What a sweet story. Happy Anniversary to your parents. I hope some day my children can write such a sweet blog (or whatever is "the thing" at that point) about me and my husband. Thank you for sharing your parent's story with us.

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