Part-Time Pet was on THE VIEW!!

See this girl?
She is our Part-time pet, Arista
Part-time because she is my sisters dog that she has had since College, but some time during the year she stays with our parents or even us! She comes to visit on the weekends from NYC at times!
Well today, she has become A STAR!

She was coached all week so that she would not act a FOOL on TV.
She has a tendency to want to run around in furious circles really fast when she gets excited.
Or she may randomly pee or do any other random things that may embarrass us from time to time. 

They wanted her in a hot dog costume! 
HA! A hot dog in a hot dog!

She was trying to get her mind right before her Live Debut here. LOL

She had her trusty partner Mustard to walk her out there.. 

Then, when she appeared on TV, I was SO TICKLED!!! 
I laughed the whole time she was up there with little Mustard and little Ketchup!

I mean I was as excited as I will be when a child we know is on TV!
She did SO GOOD!

I am such a proud part-time parent / doggy auntie!

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  1. Awwww Aris this is so cute! I can say i know that doggy.

  2. Awwww Aris this is so cute! I can say i know that doggy.


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