Things My Mother Says

My mother is someone who is wise on many subjects... especially the Word of God. She has many titles, many degrees., but at times my mother is just that.. my mother. 

She says things that are truly hilarious! .. at least they are to me... it simply reminds me of the fact that no matter how old, no matter how grown I think I am, no matter who she is to other people, she is simply my mother... 

Thus, a new on-going series.. "Things My Mother Says".. which is a culmination of random things that my mother says to me from time to time, or has said or could even be advice that other "mothers" have given to me. 

What makes it funny? 

I am sure that your own mother or mother-figure has said the same thing to you at some point in your life as well.. 

and so... The Inaugural "Things that Mother Says"

"So, You're at My House??... Do you plan to take MORE of your stuff with you when you leave?"

thanks mom.. I think she really wants me to move all my stuff out now. (hahaha)


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