"Coffee Solves Everything"

                                      Source: workisnotajob.deviantart.com via Emileigh on Pinterest

Unfortunately this is true for me... after all, I am the coffee-feigned federal officer... and unfortunately for me, I had NOT ONE CUP TODAY!

Can I just say that it was one of those days. Yes, it STILL sucks to be a woman sometimes. 

But it helped me have a day to just put my feet up and relax today. Much needed.

P.S. As you can see, I even got a little creative with my blog... so enjoy the new look... and also, as you know I LOVE to read other blogs. So if you notice, from time to time, I edit the blog roll on the right side bar depending upon what is presently inspiring me or what I am relating to. 

Check out some new faves: 

Lil Blue Boo (such an inspiring life story)

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  1. Hey there lady, this picture is sooooo true for me. haha Following you from the FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE link up. So glad you linked up and I got to meet you. Thanks for joining us and fingers crossed you win the awesome prizes!


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