These are My Confessions

It's a day at work where are passing some time because our building is under major renovation, ergo we have no "clients" coming in and so... I was perusing some blogs and thought that perhaps I would do one extra link up today and post a confession because afterall... It's FRIDAY!!!!!

So These are my Confessions:

1. My hands have only been painted on one hand and even still with multiple colors going on a week now.
I have no idea why? But I am ashamed.

2. I wear earrings to work. Big. Huge. Hoops. and take them off as soon as I get here and they sit on my desk.

3. I lose almost everything... I have thrown my keys into the garbage and did not realize it until after trash day. Thats one keyless remote for the car and the house and several office keys ... gone.

4. I have so much filing that needs to get done.. but who loves to do that? Not me.

5. No matter how full I am, I MUST have movie theater popcorn at the movies while seated.

6. We went to go see Hunger Games just to see what the hype was about but had never heard of it before we went to the movie theater.


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  1. Found your blog over at a Blonde Ambition and laughed at your earring comment...I do the EXACT same thing! Either too heavy, too jingly, too something...

    1. Yes! I can't talk on a phone at all with them on.. Its so sad. Thanks for reading

  2. THat is too funny about your fingernails being painted on one side only- cracked me up ! I feel like that is something I've done before !

  3. HA!! These are awesome confessions. Just found your blog! Glad you linked up with Leslie! xo


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