Easter Wreaths and a Little Motivation!

Since the move (well not officially since we only move one room over at a time as to not get overwhelmed) my Craft Room items have not made it over yet. But, I want a wreath on my door for Spring. I will have to skim read our HOA to even make sure that wreaths on the door are allowed, but I sure do hope that they are. It's spring! and every holiday or quarter I should say.. my mom places a wreath on her door. Now that I have a door of my own I would love to do the same!

Now, mind you, if in fact we can't place a wreath on the outside of the door, I WILL find a door or banister to place seasonal decor on it since our one and only mantle has been dedicated to home entertainment such as wall mounted flat screen tv's and surround sound bars that lay on the mantle.

So, knowing that I want to create my own, I took to Etsy to find some inspiration..
Here were some that appealed to me:

Not sure if I want to Easter Eggs?

Easter Wreath with blue robbin eggs

Or something a little more simplistic with grass and carrots..
Easter Wreath - Spring Wreath - Moss Wreath -burlap bow, and carrots (LIMITED LEFT)

Or even more minimal with grapevine and furry animals and carrots.
Easter wreath Meadow bunny and carrots 14"

Or something less Easter, and a little more Spring! This would look great on my Colonial Red Front Door..
Easter Wreath

What do you think?! What do you have on your door, if anything?
Hopefully these pictures will motivate me to get that completed before Easter/Spring comes and goes!


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