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Ahem, is this thing on? As many mommy bloggers can attest to, life gets so in the way of sitting down and being able to truly capture what you would like to capture before you have to peel your toddler off the floor or prevent him or her from harming themselves. Moments of peace are rare and by the time you settle yourself before a computer to kind of recap your day, you would rather sit like a zombie and do nothing.
That has been my life lately. 
I have been so busy living life that it appears as if I have taken a hiatus but I haven't. If you have been following me on Instagram, then you know that there is SO much that I have to capture.
Finally, as Gracia is 22 months old now and a bit more independent and love independent play, there are moments where I am able to share with you what has been going on.

Prepare your hearts and minds because I do have posts scheduled to catch you up...

Until then, what have been up to?

I am still fighting these mean streets of crime - not really - but yes, I am still in law enforcement and love serving the people that I help turn their lives around.

I have finished my first draft of my book. I am very excited about the content however, I am going BACK to the drawing board on presenting the information. So I have a rewrite on deck.

Sunday Brunch has become a staple in my life and its my child-free, husband-free down time. Everyone has there thing. Some have spa days, I have brunch with my girlfriends.

I have been a supportive musician's wife as my husband has had some awesome gigs at Ebenezers Coffeehouse. I once got a comment on my Instagram that I make being a musician's wife look easy - because of reputations that they have etc. However, its by the Grace of God. What it truly means to be a Musicians' wife? that's a whole other post and yes, I will share what that looks like.

I have survived being directly effected by the riots in Baltimore.

I have expanded my passion for Natural hair care into a business and have opened an in-home Salon.

I was able to take Gracia on her first Disney Orlando trip and was able to experience the Magic of Disney, which by the way is AMAZING! So tips for traveling to Disney with children under 2? I got you!

I have been in awe of Gracia's milestones and so I must update you since she is turning two years old at the end of the year and give you my thoughts on baby number two.

I was able to attend the National Convention for Delta Sigma Theta and was able to bring my legacy with me for the very first time.

I was able to take a vacation - for the first time in forever (sung like I am in the movie Frozen) to Dallas, Texas so that I could celebrate 5 wonderful years of marriage to that awesome guy named Amos.

I have picked up a new love for Golf... Top Golf that is.

My cousin has given birth to her first born and has expanded the cuteness in our family.

I have become another year older.

My sister has signed her book deal and her book, The Engagement Game will be coming out.

and lastly, for my sisters 30th Birthday - we traveled from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and spent Columbus Day kickin it with the Navajo Nation. 

See, I told you that I have been doing so much - and then some because I am sure there are just some other things that I want to share with you ... so prepare yourself. As I write them, I will come and link back to them. But yep, Jasmine is bizzack! Whew... guess that means Summer is officially over.


Well, if you made it this far. I love you lots for still rocking with me.
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