We're on Derecho Watch

SO - I am working from home today because within 15 mins of when I was supposed to be heading to work, these clouds began to roll in.. 

Grant it, it was gone within 15 minutes. But apparently its the calm before the storm. 
So, of course you know what Amos did this morning..

YUP! You guessed right...
He cut the grass!
My poor thing is obsessed with lawn care. 
This picture gives you a glimpse of the section of "common area" that he takes responsibility for. 
As you can see the side he cuts is the side that has the darker green grass. Our neighbor on the corner over there cuts the other side. 
They are the only two that are super committed to lawn care on our block. 

So toes up!
Who else is effected by this Derecho?
What are you guys doing?

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