8 Weeks Pregnant Update

8 weeks
Cravings: Ramen Noodles (Chicken Flavor)
Bananas (LOTS OF THEM)
Fruit Cups
Almond M&Ms

and anything that gets mentioned that sounds great at the moment!
Then when I get it its not as great.

Weight Tracker: -5lbs.
Symptoms: None, except the occasional migraine
Fears: None about pregnancy, more about parenting and how much my childless home will change.
Gender Guesses: This week we are guessing Boy. (for no apparent reason other then feeling)

This week I was out for the count - literally in bed all week with migraines. 
To see what else happened this week, you can go back to this post.
So not much to report for this week. 

Today we are really 12 weeks 2 days or so - so almost caught up. 
Then back to blogging about other things going on in real life! Promise.

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  1. I'm hoping that since you're talking about the past that your migraines have subsided :)

    i can't wait to know what you're having!

    happy 12 weeks + 2 days!

  2. love it! cannot wait to keep reading! glad you have not fears! you will be great parents!


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