They're Sick... BLAH

Mommy and Hubby has been placed on the Sick and Shut In List - 
This is my mother's arsenal and hubby went to the doctors today and found out he has Bronchitis. 

I really hope that I remain healthy this week - its definitely going to be tough. 
As if insomnia wasn't bad enough, thanks to Hubby's lungs - the snoring is definitely keeping me up. 

Its hilarious when my husband is sick because my husband is very dramatic when he is healthy -- it gets worse when he is sick. 

Pray for me, k?

Speaking of sick - 
I watched Bachelor 17 last night.. 
Not that I will be an avid watcher and try to guess who he may propose to by the end of the season or give you a run down each week, but those chicks - man I tell you - he definitely had to weed through some CRAZY sick chicks last night. 

Between the chick who showed up in the Wedding Dress that got a little too drunk at the cocktail party
To the chick, in the sparkly black dress that just kept booty dancing (to no music?!) 

I mean really... 
I wish you the best Shawn.
Did you know his sister is a blogger ??

Loved him since the Bachelorette season and her blog helped me like him all the more.. 

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