I Have to Deal With This

Having an office is great.
I can close my door.
I don't have to overhear anything like I would in a cubicle setting...
or whisper when I am on the phone.
I can listen to music if I want.
Work with the lights out if I choose to.
I am even located right across from the bathroom so that I don't have to get up and walk to far on my lazy days.
But, when my door is open...
I have to deal with this.

Yes, that would be the toilet overflowing.
Nope, not my coworkers fault although she was the one to flush last.
It's a horrible toilet that runs non-stop.
They turned the water off and it still kept coming.
Yup. This is what I deal with when my door is open.

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  1. I can't stop laughing at the clip of Nene! Love it.... LOL.... Well, yeah it is definitely time to shut the door...

  2. Oh wow, I'd definitely leave that door shut lol.

  3. Also, I think my world just got a little smaller. I just scrolled down and saw the mention of C-thru Lens Photography. He did my engagements photos!! I'm starting to feel like I should know you in real life lol

    1. Yeah he did our engagement pics on my previous header. The site recently got some changes. But we probably have crossed paths before. (maybe?) LOL

  4. Oh NO! That does not look fun! Having your own office is great though, I completly agree!


  5. yuck. i would be so annoyed. sorry you have to deal with that :/


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