It's FRIDAY!!!.. and I got nothing

Its a new year, so new twist on my Friday's Letters:
A few days now - I think its been all week, I have been staying up way past my bed time.
Hello, Insomnia nice to meet you - can you leave now?
In a way, its a drag because in the morning, although I still get up at the same time I normally do, it causes me to go in super slow motion speed.
Dear Insomnia, I would like my restful slumber back.

So of course lack of sleep leads to a very grouchy Jasmine.
Yesterday, in all cluelessness, I managed to argue with my husband over the most trivial thing, all without realizing that he should get a pass. Last year on yesterdays date, my father in law passed away. By the time I realized it --the hole was dug so deep, he might as well just leave me in that pit until I learned a thing or two.
And although we have unresolved issues, its growing pains of marriage- it literally comes with the territory. Its our lives that we have lived individually for about 30 years being smashed together. (ok, I was 28 and he was 30) One thing we know for sure is that Marriage is work - takes work- and will always be worth it if you agree to work at it. Its not something that you can do with someone that you lukewarm like or think you love - because half the time you are working through your marriage when you darn near hate the person.
One thing is for sure, I could not have picked a better sparring partner.
Dear Hubby, I will ride this life out with you until the end. Because without you (and Jesus, and my family), I got nothing! For every movie you agree to see that I know you have absolutely no interest in (Les Miserables) or every movie you let me watch every single time it comes on just because you know I love it (Something Borrowed), for every meal you ate before I figured out that if I am going to experiment with cooking something new, it should be from a recipe; for every laugh and then some...most importantly for letting me blog about it... thank you.

Dear 2013, I have high expectations from you. I want EVERYTHING that you held back on in 2012. I mean EVERYTHING.

Dear Sorors, 9 days away!!! Our family Legacy event is going to be amazing!

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  1. I haven't been sleeping well either since going back to work and the start of the New Year. I have a history of insomnia and I don't think it's at that level yet but I'm tired and hopes it goes away. I agree marriage is always worth the effort!

    1. Thanks for always coming over here to see about me. Yeah, this insomnia of mines is crazy - i usually sleep at 10pm but lately its 2am - and u know that one night I didnt sleep until 8am. I feel like that threw me completely off.

  2. Yup, restlessness is a beast... I had a rude awakening when I returned to work yesterday, I really didn't want to get up because I had stayed up so late the night before... at least you're up an your usual time, you get kudos for that. I love the part about darn near hating each other, thats so true, lol. Marriage has taught me that something imperfect can still be perfect.

    Blessings Doll, I claim that you WILL receive everything that was held back last year, in this NEW YEAR :-)


    Maya D

    1. at least you just returned to work yesterday. since the 2nd i have been at this desk slaving away. LOL

      thanks for the kind words

  3. So sorry that you're dealing with insomnia, too! I'm usually a good sleeper, but this past couple of weeks has been brutal. You're so right: it can really kill your mood!

  4. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!

    New follower via email :-)



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