Doing Something that I have NEVER done Before!

It's hard.
Working out that is.

I mean all year I have been talking about how I want to look
and I know what it takes to get there.
and yet...
Every time I think I may want to work out, miraculously time passes and its no longer on my mind.

I thought if I picked days- you know, like make a schedule, that would help.
But then those days come and go and still - I have ZERO motivation to go to anybody's gym.
I have tried  thought about taking classes or even having people to go with me.
The failure there - having someone just about as enthusiastic about working out as me.

I need to find someone who is in the same boat as me but has a different outlook about it so that it can rub off on me.

On the plus side, I have been doing at least a 5 K walk every month.
And that's no easy task for someone about as lazy as I am.

Want to know something funny?
I wear these almost every week!

just around the house though.

They are the most comfortable work out pants ever,
and yet, I remember not a time where I have worn them to the gym! HA!

When I feel motivated to work out, I start looking and buying things I want to wear to the gym and then end up just wearing them around the house or napping in them.

Recently, I had to pray that God change my heart towards getting fit.
I swear its going to take a MIRACLE.

I would even settle for the size I was two years ago.
My biggest problem is that all my life, losing large amounts of weight has always been by accident so I don't know what to do AND I love to cook and eat!

I keep saying when the gym opens in my development that I will be there.
I PRAY thats the case.
The downside is that they have yet to set a date for opening within this year.

My New Years Resolutions are not working out so well in my favor.
So, this week. I have cooked several "Skinny Taste" Meals and I trying to turn this attitude in the right direction, but boy is it hard!

Is it just me?

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