Make a Decision Already!!

This blog post is dedicated to my husband, who in the car on the way to work this morning was basically screaming this at me... not literally, but I like to believe I can read his thoughts as every wife thinks we surely can..

Either who, I have been trying for months as you know, to get a grasp on how I want to begin to decorate this house. Its a huge game of: Where Do I even Begin?!
Afterall, this is the first house that we have full designer control over and I want to love it! at least for a little while, because I know my creative and DIY ADHD will have a new design in mind not too long after I marvel at the wonder of my own creation! :)

Well, my answer to everything lately has kind of been something similar to this:

Well, in actuality - its time for me to make a decision already!

Pick some color, some couch, some style... something!

We have less then a week before we are keys in hand..
Ask me how much packing we have done?


I guess I am afraid to pick something and then change my mind, which honestly I don't know why? thats so like me anyways and two, its just paint!

So I have challenged myself: This weekend, I am going to make a few decisions on the house - what color do I want the foyer, media room, kitchen and the music suite to be painted... pick a couch for the family room and finalize a color of the furniture going in the media room...

and secretly, find a home for my elephants (my DST sorors understand).

All of this, while heading to sunny (or rainy since thats what the weather man says) Orlando to attend the NBA All-Star Weekend with my Dad. (more on that when I return).

Until then,
I am reminding myself to


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