You may be wondering where my mid week, witty, thought provoking posts have been lately.
Then again, maybe not so much.

I am presently in a state of constant... how can I put this? my job has upset me greatly.
Still thankful I have one.
And STILL pissed off.
I am being involuntarily moved out of my office into another office upstairs in the building.
Of course, there are pluses and minuses to this move.

First, the minuses -
1. I am being moved out of my very own office with a door to an office that has a cubicle inside (still has a door, but a shared space nonetheless).
2. I wasn't told in an appropriate amount of time to even adjust my mindset to this move.
3. This will be my 5th move in 1 and 1/2 years.
4. I am grieving over my loss of my office and have been doing so since yesterday despite only being told officially today simply because I had a feeling it was coming.
5. It is completely unorganized and a result of a bunch of transfers occuring in the agency.
6. The person who's office they are moving me into is not scheduled to be moving until the day after I move, so as of right now, we'll be sitting on each others laps.
7. The person who determined these moves decided he didn't want to answer his phone.
8. I feel homeless in my work place and this move has made me upset and anxious.
9. I am the only one from my team being moved because technically I am the rookie in the building.
10. My new office will have my back to the door. THAT ALONE MAKES ME UNEASY.
11. Did I mention that its a shared space with a person who is on a different team and has a different set of friends and therefore an already set flow of traffic in and out of my new office space. I don't like randoms in my space.
12. Did I mention this was supposed to happen tuesday and I am just getting my boxes and notification today via email?

Sigh. I am STILL oh so thankful for the job that I have.

Lest I forget that despite my anxiety about this office move, combined with the anxiety and stress of my job alone - I swear!
My temperament and mood is also determined by the organization of my space. My pyche and my Virgo-tendencies can't always handle sudden immediate change.
So pardon my absence.
I am simply adjusting.

Pluses - If there are any
1. I have a window that when you look out of it you see a trailer.
2. I am near the bathroom again, so laziness will not be a factor.
3. There is a refrigerator and microwave in my new office.
4. I am on the main floor so I won't have to go up and down stairs for my scheduled appointments.
5. Space size is comparable to my present office.
6. At least there is a door.

Not that I drink this - but lawd... it may help those that make decisions and take the edge off..
You get the point.

See she feels me.
Its a big deal.
Hope your week is going great.

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  1. 5 moves in a 1.5 years? No wonder you're stressed about it!!

  2. Uggh! I'd be all kinds of upset and unsettled too. You haven't even had a chance to wrap your mind around these things and they are happening fast. I hate moves at work. I like things to stay the way they are. I'm glad you were able to see the positives even if overall it's kind of a bummer.

  3. lol at your rants...Positive: AT LEAST YOU GOT A JOB! lol...on to the Heineken, if i wasnt pregnant I would need that in my house! lol

    I hope the rest of your week goes by smoothly!


  4. This is too much just reading so I can imagine how it feels in general....hopefully it goes a lot smoother than expected!!!

  5. Hey Girl!!!! I've missed all of my blog buds, so I figured I'd drop by and leave a little comment love. I feel ya on being pissed off, I would be too... what part of the game is that- or as my friend says "where they do that at" Lol! Now, I know we operate on email a lot but I think a face-to-face would have been appropriate for this situation, and a little more time to prepare would have been nice.... Well, I hope your office mate has a tolerable personality.

    Maya D


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