Decked the Halls... at my office

I can't lie, I started my work day with the spirit of Bah Hum Bug. Let's be honest, I wasn't prepared to be in a celebratory mood, let alone at work this particular morning. I was tired. I had participated in committees outside of my normal team duties and this was going to be my first day in the office. I wanted to "chill" (at least within the scheme of work). I still had appointments and a full voicemail box, but surely I didn't want to remind myself just how unprepared I was for the upcoming holiday since, I can usually manage one big event at a time. 

So, what made it worst was that my coworkers had all came prepared for the Christmas spirit. I simply grabbed a roll of last years wrapping paper on my way out the door. 

By the time we went to our Christmas Party lunch, we had the most tinsel and festive office in our building. I simply had one sheet of wrapping paper on my cubicle window. Done and Done.

I snapped a quick picture to send to my sister so we could laugh together at the gawdiness of how it all came together. But something happened.. 
I began tearing more sheets of paper that lined the lobby windows and replaced it with wrapping paper. As our Executive Assistant kept going all out for her space, her creativity and Christmas spirit became contagious. 
So I started helping her some more. and more. and more. 

It eventually spilled over into my space. 

By the time we were done, our cubicles ended up looking like this. 

I sent an updated photo my sister the next day - then this happened. 

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