Guess who's Bizzack!?

I know it seems like my 5 day weekend was never ending but it truly felt that way. 
Immediately I went from holiday weekend into a week long Sorority Convention. 
I absolutely have to recap all of my wonderful experiences ... 
ACK! and I also have to post my Gender Reveal for those who do not follow me on Instagram or Facebook.. and the whole experience of our Anatomy Scan.. 

However, I was definitely pushed to the limit body wise.
The hectic schedule and the length of time that I was up on my feet walking really made me realize that I am not as early into my pregnancy as I had been. 
I am officially a week from half cooked. 
Time to slow it down. 
SO - this was me when I came home from the hotel in D.C.

I shall return soon to give you the full rundown..

until then I am going to be reading other blogs to play catch up with what I missed while away. 
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  1. Hi!!! You've been missed.

    What's your Instagram name?

    I'm so excited to know what gender sweet baby is!


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